Doughbeezy is starting to get the hint of being a superstar in rap videos. You scowl at people who wouldn’t give you the time of day when you’re broke and out of it. You make sure Killa Kyleon and KAB Tha Don are with you to provide menace and that KDOGG could more than likely be the male version of that assassin that killed Ox in Belly.

“Feel Free” is another exercise in why Dough and Killa Kyleon could be their own version of Watch The Throne and succeed. Behind the piano menace of Trakksounds, Albie Dickson & Z. Will, Dough just tap dances along, slinging insults and quips about standing on top with your girl on his lap and the confident thought to hold a hater’s attention without having to break a sweat. Footprints On The Moon is available now.