A move to Dallas, an engagement, constant movement. That’s the brief summary of what’s happened with C.I.T.Y. Chronicles since his Death Before Dishonor tape was released and now. It hasn’t completely yielded in the making of new material or better yet anything new outside of whispers and pleas of patience.

“Love Hate Theory” marks the end of the wait for the New Orleans to Houston and now Dallas rapper. Assisted by Bee Honey, C.I.T.Y. navigates through Prolivik Beats sonic rush of 808 drums and sweeping snares. “I rather you hate me for who I am, than love me for who I am not,” the singer bridges between C.I.T.Y.’s autobiographical verses, pensive and ready to strike. “Move to the H & nothing was the same,” he spits in a manic swirl. “I put on for the blood that’s running through my veins.” Stream it below. Peace Of Mind arrives in September.