Every moment that I’m reminded of how consistently southern Scotty ATL is, I hark back to that GLC quote from “Spaceships”. “Why you ain’t signed? Wasn’t my time.”

If making rich lyrics sound even sweeter over country fried production is a crux to some, to Scotty it’s all he knows. Digging into the six tracks that represent OTR2SJ (On The Road To Spaghetti Junction) and you’ll hear a man who’s pretty much sick and tired of being sick and tired. There’s the industry, its haphazard foes and fake friends who’ll sell you a dream only for you to hear nothing but hurt and heartache. There’s every person in the radio business who’ll rather play Top 40 to appease advertisers as opposed to that real Georgia peach country boy rhetoric. To find a bad moment on OTR2SJ would be like trying to find a pimple on a photoshopped booty for Show Magazine – it’s not going to happen.

Scotty and DJ Burn One refuse to allow it. The able producer who keyed in the majority of the project fits Scotty’s world quite perfectly. He surmises “The Journey” with washed up guitars and bass, a piano loop that crystalizes Scotty’s thankfulness to have seen the world. Church pianos lift up “On The Road 2 Spaghetti Junction” and the pitter patter of hi hats and knocking drums. Scotty wants to focus on making sure he’s making his fans happy. That’s his purpose these days. That’s why OTR2J may quietly sneak under the radar as one of the best tapes of the summer.