Director Zack Synder must have received numerous phone calls from die hard Superman fans after the release of the Batman teaser photo for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now for our viewing pleasure we get a first look at Henry Cavill suited up in his Superman suit in the first official photo from Warner Bros.

In my first observation, I was reminded of the Dark Knight Rises posters, or maybe thats just me. His suit has a few minor changes from the original that Cavill dawned in the Man of Steel. Besides the gold belt incorporated into the suit, the “S” shield on his chest is smaller, and many thanks to the designers that felt superman doesn’t need red underwear wore outside. Its like a Batman suit with Nipples. NIPPLES!!! But, still nonetheless Cavill is looking like a Superman that can kick some ass.

Zack Synder explained in short detail the relationship between the Dark Knight and Superman in this film. The 2016 film will focus on Kal-El, and his alter ego Clark Kent getting more acclimated with his new home world exploring new areas (Like Gotham) and new threats (such as Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor)

Synder also goes on to explain why Batman is thrown into the mix for this film. It felt more organic to the director even though initially Batman was not considered for this film. I guess those rumors of a Justice League movie in 2018 could have something to do with it? Synder’s route of having a seasoned Batman rather than a new origins seems promising giving that Superman is learning the ropes of being a hero.

With all these teaser releasing, even with the films projected release for 2016, might be in preparation for the San Diego Comic-Con in which Warner Bros. is expected to be in attendance. Could footage from the film be premiered at Comic-Con?