Ken Jeong

With the box office success of the Ride Along, the sequel Ride Along 2 has a lot of work if it’s going to outshine its predecessor. It will take more than the dynamics of a closed off tough guy (Ice Cube), the goofball (Kevin Hart), and the antics of a hysterical man pouring honey on himself in a grocery store. New faces will be a must, and who better to start off with than Mr.Chow.

Reports have surfaced that Ken Jeong has joined the cast of Ride Along 2. The detail of Jeong’s role is being kept under lock and key by the studio, because as we have seen in Jeong’s previous projects he has a knack for creating gut busting moments that could put a huge damper on the Ride Along 2 if revealed before the projects release. To sweeten the chances of a successful sequel, the studio has also cast Olivia Munn and Benjamin Bratt to the project. Though both have portrayed their comedic sides, their dramatic performance will compliment the other actor’s jokes quite well. The plot of the story is still in development at this time but with the current status of whats added, director Tim Story is shaping this sequel up to be a success. Ride Along 2 opens January 15th, 2016.