Despite their greatest efforts, the US Men’s Soccer Team fell 2-1 to Belgium in the Knockout Stage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. This, by no measure is on goalie Tim Howard who protected the net for 16 saves, the most in a World Cup match since 1955. In other words, TIM HOWARD WAS OUR NATIONAL DEFENSE LAST NIGHT AND KEPT YOUR KIDS WARM AND SAFE!

Like so:

Tim Howard is going to get a stamp.

Tim Howard is going to get a state.

Tim Howard by all intents and purposes has now become America’s bearded wonder. A man who is so talented he can be mistaken for a rapper (Common), the new head coach of the New York Knicks (Derek Fisher) and even a guy who has thrown your Twitter timeline in a frenzy on more than one occasion whether it be by bars or whoever he may be dating (Joe Budden). Tim Howard is now America’s BAE and we are all here to bask in his glory. Hell, even his YEARBOOK QUOTE was masterful (thanks Reddit).

And also marvel at how the internet has shown its appreciation for him.