KING might be back. No, no, forreal, y’all.

The R&B trio of sisters Amber and Paris Strother and mutual music lover Anita Bias teased us last year by dropping just ONE single last year, “In The Meantime,” in one fell swoop reminding us of the greatness of their The Story and at the same time, making us feel some type of way that we still hadn’t gotten an album from them. Now, as the trio prepares to embark on a series of concert stops, starting with The Essence Festival this weekend, they’ve set free their brand new single, “Mister Chameleon,” to the public.

Blending parts of funk with their token melodies and a little sass as well, “Mister Chameleon” has KING calling out the sometimey kind of lover who puts on all the right faces in public but can’t quite get it together when the two of you are alone. It’s a certifiable “fed up” track right down to the song’s hook, but you almost can’t even tell because of how smoothly it all comes together beneath the finger snaps.

Stream the track below, and if you like what you hear, feel free to snag KING’s “Mister Chameleon” track off iTunes now.

As an added bonus, here’s a video of the R&B trio performing a more stripped-down, slightly more soulful version of the track for Okayplayer at the Voila! Gallery.