2015 and 2016 are already stacking up with tremendous blockbuster. Star Wars:Episode VII, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, X-men:Apocalypse, and of course The Avengers: Age of Ultron my wallet will need some serious time to recover. Until this afternoon, my mind was so far from even thinking about 2017 blockbuster line up, but now thanks to Legendary pictures my sight is expanded. On the 7th day in April in the year 2017 Pacific Rim 2 will be released.

Guillermo Del Toro return to deliver us some Kaiju kicking butt in this sequel. This pot is beginning to boil as more spice is thrown in gearing up the film for 3D and IMAX 3D release. No word yet if that will affect the filmmaking process, but with a 2017 release I’m sure they will have that figured out before production begins. So what can we expect from this follow-up? With most of the Jaeger’s destroyed and the program without a captain, oh yeah and that whole nuclear destruction of the portal, what possibilities are there? I personally have my fingers crossed for a Godzilla crossover, since the original film and Godzilla were filming right next to one another. Also perhaps some kind of Jaeger-Kaiju mix. The sky is the limit, literally. Oh and for all those think, its just silly rumors and need concrete evidence, check the video below as Guillermo himself announces the big news.