There’s lifestyle videos and then there’s what’s going on with Doeman and his “Jodeci” video. There’s the black and white matte from Jorgey Films that sticks with you long after you click off of it. There’s Propain, continuing his jersey fetish by rocking a retro Charlotte Hornets Alonzo Mourning jersey and playing beer pong. There’s Doughbeezy playing wing man, rolling up, smoking and spreading the love.

Then there’s our hero Doe, lowkey, center of attention without having to immediately scream that he’s in the building. It doesn’t differ much from his rap persona. He’s effortlessly cool throughout his DYNA EP and much of the Gold Blooded project that is set to come forth. You don’t get many chances to make a first impression, you don’t get many chances to knock your first impression out of the park either.