The BET Awards are a much more comfortable sit through when you record the show and decide to fast forward through everything you deem not worth your time. I.E. – a Trey Songz/August Alsina/Chris Brown medley, Usher doing the near exact set he did at the Rodeo but only adding “Good Kisser”, a Lionel Richie tribute because you don’t really cut for solo Lionel and wish it were Prince and not he closing Essence Fest this year.

Here’s what you are here for though. You’re here for Chris Rock getting three hours to roast people, particularly Rick Ross at every turn because Ross decided to call him “washed up” after the opening monologue. It wasn’t as bad as Big Boi calling commentator Marc Lamont Hill a “b*tch” at the OutKast show on Saturday in Los Angeles but the “It’s Just Twitter” argument long ago stopped being a thing. T.I. got a few of the jokes but maybe more compliments than anything in regards to his Floyd Mayweather fiasco. He should have been slandered for that “No Mediocre” track at every turn though.

Rock in his opening monologue went after Donald Sterling, Kevin Hart, Oprah and more in a rather vintage performance. The jokes, the skits in between to fill time (Ask A White Guy About BET At A Monster Truck Rally, getting a small amount of people Roscoe’s!), the barbs, it felt like an extended episode of The Chris Rock Show with a whole lot of current performers. Which is all you could have asked for when BET asked Chris to host.