A year ago, DJ Auditory helped Hoodstar Chantz move away from his Houston to Los Angeles sabbatical and create something that sounded more like home. Bart Pimpson acted just like a Southside screw tape, crafted solely to push the artist and his music, not necessarily the overall sound and quality. That isn’t a knock on Auditory’s mixing, not in the least bit. He bought into the concept of how a tape should sound centered around one artist, something you don’t get with a lot of DJs these days who want to make themselves the star as opposed to being auxiliary components.

Now a sequel has arrived and while Tory has become even larger in name as a DJ (thank Beyoncé and timely mixes), Chantz’ brand of unapologetic shit talk remains en vogue as ever. Tracks like “Danny Glover Flow” & “Pound Cake Flow” are packed in with original Chantz tracks as Bart Pimpson 2 comes around like a Chantz and friends project. There’s Cannon of the Stunt Team, frequent collaborator Varrie V. Reggie & Trilly from The Numbers Committee, Tony DelFrescho, Goony Spliff, Trae Tha Truth and more. So in your best Southside interest, you may want to dance around and sip to this on your June 27th.