The overly ambitious Easy Yves Saint goes for various splashes of black and white, grit and grime and his gold grill for “Juice”, the lead single from his Sincerely Yves EP. Direction wise, it is a giant move in a different direction from even the earliest Niceguys videos from director Danny Ocean.

Song wise, we’ve already dissected how “Juice” punches everything up to a different level, bars complex and punchlines with even larger bicuspids. Video wise, it’s filled with hoodrat imagery, forties being swilled, dice games on the corner, motorcycle smoke kicked up and women twerking to their heart’s desire. Here, Yves is made to look like a sullen eyed menace, a man tired of dealing with the status quo and frustrated at the lack of people wanting to join him in changing it. Shots ring out, bodies fall and the one man isolated from everything yet still bloody is Yves – a symbolic reminder that every bullet doesn’t have to hit its target in order to have a real impact. Download Sincerely Yves here.