Perhaps it really was just a matter of time before others took notice.

Nearly one year after the date that Delorean released his meticulously crafted GRACE mixtape, the Houston rapper is set to headline 97.9 The Box’s upcoming #979TheConcert next month. Delo’s buzz has done well enough on its own but with an official backing from one of the city’s major radio stations, the artist’s star is finally being given some overdue rise. Perhaps in part to continue showing its support for Delo, 97.9 the Box exclusively premiered Delo’s newest single, “Picture Me Swangin'” featuring Mitchelle’l, late last night.

The song was so good that T.I., Mitchelle’l’s big boss under Grand Hustle Records’ management, saw fit to dap up Delo on Twitter.

But make no mistake – Tip isn’t gassing anything. Somehow for a little over three-and-a-half minutes, Delo spits aggressively over on a 70s funk-inspired instrumental, with Mitchelle’l absolutely floating on the hook (“I been married to the money, ain’t nothin’ for free”). It’s certainly summer ready, and the first of many weapons Delo has in the chamber for his upcoming summer EP.