There’s nothing quite like receiving brand new unreleased glazed over Dilla on a Sunday morning. Especially considering said new Dilla is 98 seconds of a drum beat mixed with vocal chants from the one and only James Brown.

“Filth” is straight up old school hip-hop as you can get, the meeting of a 1-bar drum break and Dilla punching his way around grunts from JB. The track is set to be featured on another upcoming Dilla compilation, The King Of Beats: Ma Dukes Yancey’s Collectors Edition which will see four 10″ records that encapsulate the “Batches” era of Jay Dee’s career, a book of interviews with his peers and even more unreleased music on both cassette & floppy disk. The entire package will ship in a box reminiscent of a SP-1200 drum machine – the same one that gave Dilla his first taste of production.