The Kermit The Frog “But It’s None Of My Business” memes have already taken over Twitter and social media for the past two days. Pretty sure Jim Henson is looking down from Heaven reading these tweets and messages like, “I’d never say any of this shit!” but that’s besides the point. Kermit is an internet legend now, and BeatKing of course has to make sure that legends keep living forever.

I’m almost upset that the beauty of a beat that is the “#KermitTheFrogFreestyle” is used on a parody track because its gorgeous. If BeatKing ever used it to make a new track in the same vein as “Smile” or even “Keisha”, he would have had a Brinks truck backed up to his house and secured the title of suavest light skinned big rapper since Heavy D. Instead, the “#KermitTheFrogFreestyle” gets blessed with such a moment as BeatKing toys around with some of the most scandalous stories and individuals ever — HIV strippers, girls who date different dudes every week, a chick who put a baby off on a dude when said dude is friends with the real baby father, NBA groupies — just a ton of put downs when you think about it. How does BeatKing respond to the groupie? “I don’t watch sports so … that ain’t none of my business.”