Whether you want to argue it or not, Z-Ro’s “Mo City Don Freestyle” has in less than ten full years of life leaped over every other notable Houston rap freestyle to become king. His career has been about as rocky as one can get, a certified legend in Houston and the South without a gold or platinum plaque to his name. Ro or The Mo City Don as he’s had to refer to himself recently merely wants to be free.

It’s not much to ask considering his stature in Houston but for whatever reason, bad luck (jail/contractual/whatever) seems to befall him. Which is why on Tuesday, Ro will release another album under a minor cloak of darkness, The Crown what differs from this project in comparison to others in Ro’s lengthy discography is that its entirely produced by legendary Houston producer Mr. Lee. We’ve gotten our hands on an early preview of the record and while there’s another ode to Mo City, there’s a few more records that may eventually find their way onto local radio. That’s the legacy of Ro, he’ll forever have the support of Houston regardless of what may happen to him elsewhere.

Stream the synth heavy “Imposters”, produced by Mr. Lee below. Pre-order The Crown via SoSouth.