Admitting we were late to the party on King avriel is not a childish thing, or even journalistic naivety. It’s adult, the kind of discovery you make in either wee hours or bright ass sunlight at the crack of twelve noon. Yes, the video for “caricatures” contains the chanteuse completely nude in a tasteful way but it allows us to pay even more attention to the lyrics and direction of the song itself.

More than ever, our idea of a fantasy, or what images are to be considered sexy and tantalizing aren’t even our own ideas. There the ones projected upon us, leaving us unaware of deciphering what is good and bad for us without judgement or some scarlet letter. avriel’s idea of it ties into perceptions, what we see and what others see. You get jaded at the end when your view and your friends view match and you begin questioning why you fell that deep in the first place. But, that’s why we keep running back to the idea of love in the first place, no?

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