There are a number of reasons why we love H-E-B here in the Great State, but in Houston especially. For starters, the love they show Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt is admirable (and Lord knows those endorsement dollars keep him happy). Then, they won us over by partnering with the all-but-unofficially-official state restaurant Whataburger, making the food chain’s staple condiment, Spicy Ketchup (and, later, its Fancy Ketchup and Original Mustard) available to us commoners to enliven our own homemade burgers and fries.

Well, it looks like Whataburger is about to make our lives just a little better – and heavier – once more.

According to the Houston Chronicle, H-E-B and Central Market stores will start carrying Whataburger’s world famous Honey Butter – yes, the same honey butter that blesses your tastebuds every time you order a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit off their breakfast menu – this summer. In addition to the Honey Butter, H-E-B will also be adding Whataburger’s Premium Pork Sausage to its in-store products as well.

Senior Vice-President of Whataburger’s retail operations Dino Del Nano told the Chronicle that the food chain franchise is “glad to bring these signature breakfast items into the homes of our customers.”

Suffice to say, now we’ll all have an opportunity to see what that Honey Butter tastes like on a variety of different sandwiches. And there might be a new Bae Requirement in terms of the woman who can make the best homemade HBCB.