After The Authority relinquished the WWE World Heavy Weight Championship from Daniel Bryan due to his inability to compete after undergoing neck surgery has left the golden grail of opportunity for seven WWE superstars. For the first time in the history of the Money in the Bank competition, These seven competitors will no longer be fighting for a shot at the title, but the Superstar to climb the ladder and retrieve the item dangling will be crowded the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Now normally WWE throws in a couple of B-List ringers that leave me scratching my head as to why they are involved in a title match. But this time they have pulled out all the stops that they possible can to make this one historic event in two weeks. With each superstar either at the top of the food chain or fast climbing, this increases the question of truly knowing who will come out on top. Predictions are all over the place and no one who is competing is in high standing in this poll. So lets take a look at some of the Advantages and Disadvantage each competitor has coming into this Title Bout.



Advantage : Since the joining of the WWE title and the World Heavy Weight Title this has given the Intercontinental title and the United States title more prestige in holding these belts. And for Sheamus he has taken full advantage after grabbing the US title in a battle royal on Monday Night Raw. With the crowd behind him and his career beginning to gain momentum once again, adding these championships to his waist could definitely boost him back to his former glory when he reigned as World Heavyweight Champion. This also could sparks better main event matches due to Sheamus excellent in ring performance.

Disadvantage: His thirst for opportunity may be his crutch as it is unlikely that the WWE will let Sheamus hold the US Title and WWE Championship simultaneously. Beside we have seen how difficult it has been for Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton to find a proper way to hold the titles as they walk to the ring, imagine three. He could always vacate the US title to focus on being WWE Champion, but knowing the Celtic Warrior, he’s gonna wanna loose the title in a brawl making it a stint on Sheamus trying to manage both Championships. Thus in the end being a victim of his success and as well as his pride.

Alberto Del Rio


Advantage: After losing the World Heavyweight Title to John Cena at 2013s Survivor Series  Alberto has faded into the background. Barely competing on the Flagship shows Alberto is walking the top rope of falling off the radar completely. After taken advantage of his shot back into the limelight winning a qualifying match against Dolph Ziggler this may be the last shot Alberto may get to shine the spotlight on his career again proving he can make as WWE champion.

Disadvantage: During his career it seems that Alberto has horrible timing when turning his back to the WWE Universe. He has always had a difficult time keeping the interest and fire in the rivalries he is place in thus looking at other superstars and missing the main events he participates in. With the titles now combined, is Alberto capable of putting the WWE on his shoulder and being a must watch champion? History is against him in this question.



Advantage: With the King of Swing making easy work of RVD in their qualifying match on Raw, Cesaro is primed and ready for MITB. With his star rising it appears that he is a favorite in this match. And one cannot have the title “Swiss Superman” and not be able to back it up. With his physical in ring ability he will be quite the advisory for his competition. And with the KO uppercut Cesaro pulls out of nowhere, that can be beneficial for him if he finds himself at the top of the ladder with someone reaching for the gold at the same time. And if there wasn’t enough in Cesaro’s artillery, lets not forget the strategic advocate that helped Brock Lesnar conquer the Undertaker’s streak Paul Heyman in his corner. All in all it appears that Cesaro has a bit of an advantage coming into this match. We shall see if you uses it wisely

Disadvantage: His Advantage can also be his biggest disadvantage which is in Paul Heyman. Now there is no taking away that Heyman has taken superstars and sky rocked their careers in this business. Turning B-List players into immortals draping them in title belts, and taken high potential superstars and solidifying their name in the history of this business with epic feats. But the flip side to that coin is that Heyman was a tendency to stick his nose in at the wrong time. Cesaro has proven that it is quite a challenge to keep him down, and though a strategy is required in this kind of match, will Heyman be able to keep his cool as bodes are flying everywhere and there is high chance Cesaro may crash and burn to the outside of the ring? Heyman has shown us over the years that sometimes that is not the case and has cost clients their opportunity due to his impatience.

Roman Reigns


Advantage: Possibly the crowd favorite in this match Roman has definitely had quite the ride this past year. Breaking Kane’s royal rumble record, defeating evolution, and let’s not forget winning the qualifying battle royal last night on Raw that he was not even allowed to compete in from orders of Triple H. With the Shield disbanded Roman can now focus on the gold and becoming champion. Cesaro will not be the only competitor with Superman feats as Roman can strike at any moment with his signature Superman Punch. Lets not forget he will probably throw a few spheres at his opponents in this match. With his star shining bright and the crowd behind him it appears that Roman is ready to take on the monarch of Champion and now could be the perfect time to execute that plan.

Disadvantage: Unlike the others in this match, Roman will have to watch his back more as he will not only have to worry about climbing the ladder to retrieve the gold, but he will have to worry about what The Authority will throw his way, his treacherous brother Seth Rollins, and lets not forget The Viper  lurking in this match as well. The cards are definitely stacked against Roman as he enters this match. Can he overcome such odds? Roman will need to believe in one person, and thats himself going into this match.

John Cena



Advantage: John Cena certainly has a knack for coming out on top when big matches are on the line. With multiply title reigns under him and defeating Kane in a stretcher match last night on Raw to qualify, only proves that John’s will cannot be beaten. Cena will stop at nothing to once again sit on the top of the mountain and be WWE champion for the 15th time.

Disadvantage: Only one stands in his way. The Eater of Worlds Bray Wyatt. These two have had quite the rivalry in 2014 and it appears that their paths will cross yet again. Who knows what Bray will do during this match. Will he put all his focus in making sure that Cena does not reach his goal and remains in the title run? The percentage is high and Cena has to know that coming in this match. And there is a high chance the rest of the Wyatt family will make an appearance to further assist Bray. Cena has a lot on his plate coming into this match. Will his Never Give Up attitude raise to the occasion at MITB?

Randy Orton


Advantage: Cunning, slithering, vicious, sadistic, Seth Rollins, and The Authority behind him. Not even competing in a qualifying match to enter, the former face of the WWE has an advantage unmatched going into MITB. The Viper appears to have everything in his favor. All that needs to be done is deliver a few RKO’s climb the ladder and once again sit on the throne, becoming the face of WWE, in his mind where he belongs.

Disadvantage: Randy is by far his own worst enemy. Not to mention more than half of the competitors hold a grudge with the Viper. With everything he has at his disposal it will take all for him to retrieve the gold from the top. But what Randy really needs if he wants to be Champion once again is to start hearing those voices. In 2014 the viper has heard silence becoming a shell of what he use to be. Can Randy get back to the Punt Kicking, RKO, sadistic competitor we are use to witnessing? We shall see June 29th.

Bray Wyatt


Advantage: “He’s got the whole world, in his hands”. Bray has made a huge impact since he has entered into the WWE. With his message strongly infused with the WWE universe and defeating Dean Ambrose to qualify, is Bray now ready to have WWE’s most coveted prize in his grasp. With his unorthodox style, his family most likely at ring side and sister Abigail in the mist Bray could definitely win it all at MITB and truly have the whole world in his hands.

Disadvantage: Only one that stands in Bray’s way is Bray. With John Cena also competing in the MITB tile match, what will be Bray’s focus coming into this match? The scale right now is at an even weight, for in Bray’s eyes winning the title or costing Cena the title will gladly work in Bray’s favor as he can continue his mission to bring out the so call Monster that lurks within Cena.

The match has become a huge powder keg as each superstar will give everything to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Which for the fans will give us one hell of a match to look forward to. WWE’s Money in the Bank can be seen on Pay Per View and the WWE Network  Sunday June 29th.