Follow along on this will you?

Meek Mill is a rapper from Philadelphia. He tends to rap very loudly, loud enough to have his own brand of megaphones should he ever decide to hustle so. Meek Mill also has a problem with the Philadelphia PD, including one officer in particular who has been dragged through the same amount of sh*t Andy Dufresne crawled through in Shawshank. Back in 2012, said cop arrested Meek thinking he had weed on him. No weed was found. Meek, in turn sued the city. He lost but it wound up making the cop’s life a living hell, costing him his job (unrelated to the Meek issue) as well as any further employment anywhere else.

It’s also cost him his … well … performance in the bedroom. And so, due to claims of mental abuse thanks to said case and it inflicting, “a strong affect on my life and relationship performance with my fiancée,” the cop is suing the Philadelphia rapper for $750,000 – cause he can’t get it up.

Now, there are two ways this can go. A) he loses the case not only in court (since it’ll be thrown out) and he’ll lose face with his fiancée. Or B) Meek settles and offers the guy a bone. Whether or not he gets said bone is another question because man, he must hate hearing the first two lines of the second half of the “Dreams & Nightmares Intro” because he could never start to begin with.

Our apologies Mrs. Future Endeavor’d Cop’s Fiancée, you didn’t deserve this. Such as shame your husband came up just as limp as that Dreams & Nightmares album.