Five years ago, J.Cole released The Warm Up. The tape arrived four months after Drake’s So Far Gone and immediately ushered in the debates between the two, the lazily drawn Jay Z & Nas comparisons and the inevitable rise of Cole’s personal backstory to dominate his lyrics.

Five years later, Cole is once more on the road, thankful for his fans and the fact he’s been able to create two albums, tour the world, put his friends on and more. In a letter to fans Cole wrote, “The Warm Up is a declaration of dedication to Greatness. Told from the perspective of a kid who wants more than what his city has to offer him.” You can read the full letter here.

In lieu of this, Cole is once more heading on tour to rekindle the magic he had with last year’s Dollar & A Dream tour. The seven-date tour where Cole is performing The Warm Up in its entirety kicks off in London on July 3rd and ends July 23rd in Los Angeles. See the flyer here.

Lastly, there’s the video for “Lights Please,” otherwise known as the song that made people pay attention to J.Cole with a lot more focus. Cole was kind enough to step on a special edition of RapFix with Sway to premiere the video which you can see below.