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The NBA Finals are upon us but there’s no stopping the rumor mill that is NBA Free Agency. After creating the coup which altered the NBA landscape forever with the acquisitions of LeBron James & Chris Bosh in 2010, the Miami Heat are potentially looking to add another big name to the mix – Carmelo Anthony.

As Marc Stein & Brian Windhorst of ESPN report, the Heat are mulling over the chance of bringing in last year’s scoring champion into the fold. It would take some serious mathematics and pay cuts for each of the Big Three plus pending free agent Chris Andersen and Udonis Haslem but if the Big Three opts out, it clears the Heat of $50 million in cap space, enough to re-sign all three major components of their last four trips to the Finals, including this year as well as landing Anthony.

The Heat’s inspiration for this according to Stein & Windhorst? The same squad they’re battling for a third straight NBA title in the Spurs. “The Heat are in essence trying to emulate some of the longstanding policies employed by their current Finals opponent, as the Spurs have been able to keep Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili together for more than a decade — while routinely strengthening the supporting cast around them — because their three best players have been repeatedly willing to take pay cuts.”

In terms of basketball schemantics, if the deal goes through as Anthony has until June 23rd to tell the Knicks if he plans to opt out of his contract, the move would immediately call for James to assume point-forward duties, hopefully relieving some of the wear and tear his body has consumed over the past three years with Anthony replacing him in the small forward position. If they chose, Anthony could even move to the 4, creating a rather unique look for the already intriguing Heat offense which lives on creating space for James to find open shooters.

A lineup where James plays SF, Melo at PF & Bosh at the 5 creates nightmares for anyone attempting to guard the Heat as they would employ not only the chunk of the 2003 Draft Class worth mentioning (apologies to 2004 NBA Champion Darko Milicic) but keep a rather lethal combination to not only keep James in Miami until he potential retires but continue the Heat’s dominance of the East.