Remember how the world sort of stopped when the news broke that Mistah F.A.B. slapped DJ Mustard over disrespecting the Bay? There’s some more to it — and apparently it got handled in a rather interesting fashion.

Now, there’s no secret as to why F.A.B. had problems with Mustard and why things all came to ahead out in the Bay this past weekend. But for starters as you can tell by the image above, Mistah F.A.B. got handled something serious. F.A.B. took up the one thing you normally do in jail (square up the biggest dude there and take him) but instead ended up on the wrong end of a beatdown.

Sidenote: The Yeet sound effect at the :40 mark? Hilarity for all the wrong reasons. Let it be known, even though we talked about Chappelle earlier today, “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” will live on forever. Now let this just sit on Worldstar and not escalate into anything further.