I’ll forever have a hard time juggling the idea that Hood Politics 2 is as strong as anything DeLorean has released in the near three years since. I get it, you can’t let someone be any inch of great if you hold them to just their prior works but that’s what we do with the likes of Nas and Jay Z, tangible figures to DeLorean but at the moment, “ghosts”.

So here arrives “Meal Ticket”, a brand new freestyle where DeLo is one more putting Mo. City on his back while rising to knock around bars of his impending greatness. The behind the scenes footage make the freestyle feel more like a blaxploitation take on Rocky’s “Victory” montage than anything else and as DeLo starts his verse off announcing that he jammed Smoke DZA prior to recording, it’s still all DeLorean’s usual snake like weave through pauses and stops that reign.