Club appearances, concert dates, for some reason Rick Ross is snakebit when it comes to performing in the city of Houston. Last night was another one in the books for the Miami rapper as a mysterious “medical emergency” was determined to be the reason why Ross wouldn’t hit the stage for his closing set at Houston’s Beer Fest. There was no mention of this on any of Ross’ social media accounts yet Beer Fest, but he was able to break open the biggest Belaire Rose bottle he could find in honor of the Heat beating the Spurs.

However, we do know there’s one constant with Rick Ross and the city – his inability to fulfill his duties as a performer for Houston rap fans. A look back.

Cancelled Or Postponed? Cancelled
Reason: Seizures

In 2011, Rick Ross’ seizure episodes starting to grip his life. Fans and onlookers told the Miami rapper to tone it down, eat healthier and try to make sure his weight as in order. Needless to say by 2012, those changes hadn’t taken place and in turn it wiped out two scheduled Ross appearances, one in Houston & one overseas. This, was the first of a few things gone awry.


Cancelled Or Postponed? Cancelled
Reason: Unsafe Tour Conditions

In 2012, Rick Ross had a Gangster Disciple problem. Apparently the rappers portrayal of a life he didn’t necessarily lead infuriated real gang members in certain sections of the country and the Boss appropriately feared for his life. The result? The cancellation of an entire tour which was set to feature everyone on Maybach Music Group at the time (Meek Mill, Wale & Omarion the chief components of the tour).

Cancelled Or Postponed? Ross never showed up, thus postponed works?
Reason: Ross never given his appearance fee?

See how this worked? Last February, Ross appeared in Houston for All-Star Weekend, also known as a giant playground for outsider money to be pumped into the city with few folks from the city getting some scratch. Well, later on in the year in somebody decided to book Ross for an appearance at a club where he was actually set to perform, a release party for God Forgives, I Don’t. Thing is, nobody decided to pay Rick Ross, thus leaving him to tell people he wouldn’t be there. Leading to yet another moment where Ross and the city have missed one another.

Cancelled Or Postponed? Cancelled
Reason: Medical emergency

Let it be a lesson, if you can’t make a flight but can pop a big ass bottle of Belaire, you may not exactly be that ill to begin with. Ross’ missed performance at Beer Fest even after going on a Wing Stop diet and getting as slim as he’s been … ever just adds another mark. Leaving me to wonder, will a Ross show EVER happen in Houston or we just inclined to believe he’ll have to appear via satellite for things to work?