Rule #4082, pay proper homage to rappers or the culture in the Bay Area, otherwise you will get checked for it.

A few months ago during the rounds for YG’s My Krazy Life, May in particular, DJ Mustard discussed the allegations that he stole his ratchet sound from “The Bay”, whose own ratchet vehicle piloted by the likes of Iamsu! and others have shined another light on the area in the wake of the dying hyphy movement. Mustard denied the claims on the popular NYC morning show The Breakfast Club, stating that he didn’t even know the man who brought them up. That man? Mistah F.A.B., who obviously isn’t one to take slights lying down. After all, Mustard did mention the rapper as an influence in a Complex interview back in March.

Well things apparently came to ahead Sunday night where YG got robbed supposedly and there’s video of Fabby Davis laying the five fingers to the face of Mustard himself. Early rumors had another man “bout that action” in Marshawn Lynch involved but that was determined to be false.

But there’s video — from both sides that show something popped off.

Remember, the Bay, who’ve been jacked for plenty over the past decade or so in rap (ask Rappin’ 4-Tay if he co-opted Drake using his bars for Mustard & YG’s “Who Do You Love”?) has finally said enough is enough, no matter how famous said person jacking might be.