beerfest entrance

96 degree weather, Four stages, and beer as far as the eye could see. This was scene at the Sam Houston Park for Houston Beer fest.  Once just a simple event that took place in the court yard of city hall has now grown with over 200 varieties of beer, beer pong, and major musical performances.

It started off like any festival, looking for a suitable parking space. Accompanied by Trevor Piper we circled the blocks of Bagby and Mckinney for several minutes hoping to find an opening close to the entrance. After several attempts and to no prevail we came to a conclusion that paying for parking would be the best choice. With our gear loaded and strapped to our back we proceeded to head to the entrance to retrieve our media passes.



Beerfest image 2The line of people stretched around the corner as bags were being checked at the gate. Retrieving our passes we made our way into the event. The festival had a terrific turnout for the first day. The streets were packed yet still provided enough personal space to walk comfortably. Each booth that we passed was occupied with customers eager to try their signature brands. The humidity began to rise as we made our way to the Karbach stage to see rapper Roosh William’s performance. Sweat ran like a steady stream for Trevor and I exchanging a towel between the both of us.









We arrived in the middle of Roosh’s set as he brought out The South East Beast Doughbeezy to perform a couple a songs from his album Footprints on the Moon. Doughbeezy rocked his set performing “I’m From Texas” hyping up the crowd as they threw their H’s to the skies representing the city of Houston proudly.


roosh and beezyRoosh with his witty sense of humor would continue to move the crowd with a live band as the crowd sang word for word with the Houston Native creating a buzz in the air that was electrifying for any young performer to have. Doughbeezy would make his way back to the stage to perform with Roosh their collaboration “Ridin Thru my City.”  Roosh would end the show with his signature promo to find the rapper on social media. “It’s Roosh, like Swoosh, But with a R.”






Awaiting the Action Bronson performance we decided to check out the rest of the festival. Now you cant attend Beer Fest and not have a cup of delicious brew in your hand. With my thirst needing to be satisfied I sampled several brewers at the festival. From Beer, to Ales, and sweet thick lagers, each cup tasted better than the next. With Trevor not being much of a beer drinker, that gave a sweet advantage to me as i had someone to hold my second cup to keep the good times rolling.


We both sampled the cuisine offer at the festival. Trevor enjoy a mediocre but satisfying pulled beef sandwich, and myself indulging in a delicious fried shrimp basket. I pondered what could make this basket have just a little more kick to it? My eyes are directed to an old but familiar friend.


james nelsonTop Chief contender James Nelson and his signature hot sauce Bravado Spice were at the festival delivering delicious spice with their well known Jalapeño and Green Apple, Pineapple Habanero, and their new flavor Ghost Pepper and Blueberry. After applying the Ghost Pepper and Blueberry with a hint of lemon to my fries, i was ready for some action.










We proceeded to the bud light stage awaiting Bronson. Relaxing in the photo pit gearing up to catch some awesome shots i began to hear faint rapping coming from the stage speakers. The crowd began to roar but not in the direction of the stage

Bronson 2

The volume increase and the hands of the crowd raises as Action Bronson make his way through the crowd performing a quick freestyle as he grabs himself a beer from the stand. Several minutes pass before he takes the stage and the crowd is jumping up and down screaming for more from Bronson. He reaches the front of the stage placing his hands on his knees drawing deep breaths. His black t-shirt is drenched in sweat as he goes near the DJ booth and showers himself with ice cold water. With his eyes wide shut, possibly from smoking some Houston’s finest Dro, he starts back with his set.





Bronson 1

Performing his hit singles drowning himself in water time after time only gave more energy to the crowd and his set as the Action was non stop.




The sun is preparing to set as we prepare for Mr.Trippy himself Juicy J. We load our bellies with free delicious soda thanks to Wild Bills and a $15 mug that was well worth it. I make my way to the Pabst Blue Ribbon stage and entered the photo pit. Awaiting Juicy’s arrival, the crowd gave several chants as they awaited. The smell of weed in the air, cups filled to the brim with beer, and inflated balls flying everywhere, the stage was set for this performance.


juicy crowd

“Trippy” made its out the speaker as Juicy J took that stage. The chorus begins the beat is about to drop and suddenly…silence. The turn up appeared to be to much for the sound equipment as every single piece of equipment blew out and delayed the performance. Awaiting for the repair to be finish Juicy interacted with the crowd taking a bottle of Ciroc to the head while will to share with his loyal fans.

juicy 3Juicy was also in search is the finest green that Houston had to offer. But to no prevail as the HPD was on high guard during the performance. Minutes passed before the equipment was back up and ready for the Juice Man.









juicy 2Before continuing he would once again hype up the already hyped crowd by announcing he would be moving to Houston for his loves of the green and titties that Houston has to offer. After cracking open a cold Colt 45 Juicy J continued his set.








Juicy J 1His performance was nothing sort of great has his wild antics shine bright on the stage. Performing hit single as well as some classic tracks, it was safe to say that everyone in attendance was definitely Trippy and will be for life.











Beer soaked soil, cups everywhere, what a fantastic way to end day one of Houston Beer Fest. Day two should be just as crazy Performances from Rick Ross, Pepper, 3 oh! 3 take the stage to continuing rocking out this historic weekend.