Funkmaster Flex didn’t take too kindly to Damon Dash’s recent comments about former Def Jam Presidents Lyor Cohen & Joie Manda and Dash’s labeling of them as “culture vultures”, especially when Flex’s name was brought up for defending them. The venerable New York City DJ let his feelings be known and then some in a 22-minute rant on his HOT 97 show Thursday night.

By now if you haven’t heard, Dash is back on the warpath, using social media and Instagram to deride plenty of people from Steve Stoute to the aforementioned Cohen & Manda. He’s also baited Flex into appearing on his radio show to discuss some of the outsiders who he feels are bringing down hip-hop to which Flex declined, opting instead for one of his infamous, bomb dropping rants.

“First of all, fam, what are you coming up for? This ain’t 1998. When you’re in the music business, we’ll have you come up.” Flex said. “Right now, stick to artwork […], and clothing, and slippers. Let me do this music thing. I got this.”

For a while now, Funkmaster Flex’s rants have been just as if not more popular than any of his actual mixes or song premieres. Rival jock Charlamange Tha God likened him to Hulk Hogan as his theatrics seem more akin to a wrestler than anything else but every time Funkmaster Flex feels spited by something (see Nicki Minaj a couple years ago), he goes into “Flex Hogan” mode.

Flex did start his rant by paying his respect to the former Roc-A-Fella CEO but that’s where all the kindness is left. He chides Dash for not owning up to his own actions which led him out of the music industry, that he’s only after Cohen & Manda because they’re white people profiting off of hip-hop and accuses Dash of being a “culture vulture” himself.

“You didn’t pay Curren$y on one song, B! Who’s the culture vulture?” Flex stated in regards to tue New Orleans rapper suing Dash and his DD172 imprint after the first two Pilot Talk projects. Spitta seemed to agree in two tweets that could be taken multiple ways.

Dash has already recorded his response in his second sit-down interview with The Combat Jack Show podcast which will be released to the public later today. Listen to the full audio of Flex’s rant below.