There’s no secret that we love Sam Smith, or that the British singer pretty much could sing the phone book to more than a few share of women and manage to help you wrangle them into bed. It also comes as little shock that his newfound wave of buzz thanks to his Frank Ocean esque revelation to The FADER. For all the soul Smith has within his body and those lyrics of his that decide to paint strong, almost controlling images of love and determination, there’s something missing – a female who can at least match him note for note.

Mary J. Blige tries her hand at the task on the “Stay With Me” remix, making sure her Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul is indeed a truism. The original version of the song was damn near perfect, a bigger-than-life ballad where Smith’s vocals cascaded up and down to the point where you really couldn’t feel anything outside of your heart fluttering and your car driving you to the land where your significant other or potential significant other resides.

Here’s the good and bad about the “Stay With Me” remix. The good is that it relates Smith to an R&B audience who largely hadn’t heard about him or hadn’t heard that the DJ Premier remix to he & fellow Mary J. Blige remix owners Disclosure’s “Latch”. The bad is that it took a Mary J. Blige remix to get the rest of the world to catch on to something us emo kids have been championing for months on end.