Back in February, Doughbeezy released his third proper mixalbum Footprints On The Moon. Then, the Houston rapper with the flow that runs in rather enunciated jumps of self praise had solidified one thing about him, “Doughbeezy will be around for a while.” If you hadn’t noticed him before, you would consider that statement a bit preposterous and even more out there considering the tape almost a minor lifetime ago. That’s what you consider a buzz, one sustained enough that Doughbeezy can go months in releasing new material but still have the ability to grab your attention when need be.

“Bumpin” is the first video from the project shot by Evesborough Films. Dough and his usual cast of Headwreckas associates (DoubleBe, KAB Tha Don) are plotting and scheming for a paper chase and figure the best way to go about it? Purple ski-masks and jacking people who always seem to have money in their hands. There’s no sense in spoiling it but we’re sitting back watching Doughbeezy act more like DMX in Belly than his usual freewheeling self for a change. And as far as the dark shots from Evesborough Films are concerned, they’re slowly starting to become their staple – focusing more on emotion and the mental chess game of cause and effect than just plopping a rapper in a situation and telling him to do something.