G-Side being back together to make music a very damn good thing. G-Side making music solely for the purpose of outlining why they were so good together and reminding people why they were Southern rap darlings for the better part of five years is even more noteworthy. “2004”, their single off of From Gz II Godz highlights why from then to now, smoking with haters is something you just can’t do. It’s a take on Pimp C’s line from UGK’s “Diamonds N Wood” (their greatest song) and while “2004” may not register high on your personal G-Side list, it does well to ground ST 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova into actual, humanized rap stars. From Gz II Godz doesn’t particularly highlight the struggle of working a 9-5 to finance a rap career but it highlights one larger enveloping subject: life, and all the shit that surrounds it.