During the keynote for the Worldwide Developers Conference Apple finally stopped talking amongst themselves and let the world in on what iOS 8 was going to include. The reveal comes less than five months after iOS 7 hit the marketplace and continued Apple’s push towards getting everything that Android technology already has (we kid, but we’re serious). Also, a new iPhone is coming in September but that’s neither here nor there.

So what’s in the only working software you really care about? A lot actually.

1) iMessage Has Now Gotten Pretty Snapchat Like
Here’s how popular Snapchat’s revolutionary way of sharing audio and video messages has gotten – Apple decided to integrate it into iMessage. This may be good news for you trying to save data on your phone by self destructing certain messages after you’ve read them but it’s Apple being Apple and not really being innovative.

You can also mute people in Group Messages (!) and track your friends if need be as there’s a location share feature with every message. Something tells me cheating is just getting harder and harder in the 21st century. Plus, you can actually tinker around and send a message within notifications as opposed to having to unlock the iPhone.

2) Improved Keyboard
Like to talk in slang terms to certain people but also use corporate speak and the Queens English when in the company of others. iOS 8 now has a predictive keyboard, capable of filling in the blanks of what you might tell someone, given the context of the sentence. Also, Android has had this forever.

3) Apple Really Doesn’t Like You Using Other Technology
The start of Apple’s “continuity” project began the moment Google announced it was making its own phone. That’s when Google Maps became secondary to Apple and Siri decided to take over every aspect of the iPhone’s tech. That life continues with iOS 8 as the connection between your Mac, your iPad and your iPhone is even stronger as if you happen to leave an e-mail unfinished on your phone, you can knock it out on any of your other Apple products.

This feature is pretty cool actually and it streamlines right into OS X Yosemite or OS X 10.10 which allows you to send and text messages from your iPhone onto your Mac as well as voice calls. You have to realize, even with all of these features, Apple is making sure that its hook on the tech community will be even stronger than ever in a weird, Watch Dogs sort of way.

4) Siri Hears Everything
Here’s what may be the most annoying feature of all, Siri will be listening to everything you do from the moment you say “Hey Siri.” At least it’s integrated with Shazam so you’ve got another hand in finding out that song you’ve been trying to figure out. Sadly, Siri has yet to decipher a single Young Thug song.

5) Still No Multi-App Usage
We’re on our 8th edition of Apple software and the giant still hasn’t figured out a way to let users multi-task with certain apps. Decent show Apple,