Here’s what happens when you get unexpectedly bounced from the French Open in the second round — you head to Miami. That’s what Serena Williams did over the weekend as her last 48 hours have been nothing short of Instagram legend.

Friday, she and now single tennis pro Caroline Wozniacki were at the Heat game to watch Lance Stephenson cup LeBron’s mouth and also watch the Heat demolish the Pacers for their 4th straight Eastern Conference crown. To top it off, they took photos with Greg Oden in celebratory fashion because it’s Greg freakin’ Oden and he may be the happiest bench player alive right now.

Saturday, she hit the beach, rocking a leopard leotard and exposed all of her cakes for the world to see. Plus, there’s selfies because who doesn’t take a selfie in South Beach, Miami? The kicker of it all? Serena turned into the third wheel behind Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson and decided to crash a nearby wedding — in her swimsuit.


Some day the groom will have to ask himself how in the world did he show restraint from not looking at Serena. The bride will too, because her wedding day got upstaged (or made famous) all thanks to Serena showing up unannounced. Look, their wedding will be made stronger because of this. One, the groom didn’t say, “Damn she filled out that swimsuit, didn’t she baby?” And the bride didn’t think for a second to try and swing on Serena because wedding be damned, you’re not about to try a world class athlete who looks like she could crush the Hulk if she did a split, feel me?

At least it beats Jaden Smith showing up to a wedding in an Albino Batman costume.