Before the tattoos, before the “Shawty Mane” label and turning into the most despised 19-year old on the planet in the eyes of many – Justin Bieber was taped saying something he probably shouldn’t. His friends even warned him, “Don’t even say it, don’t even say it.”

But he said it. Bieber said that dastardly n-word that gets a lot of people in trouble because quite frankly, crude jokes where you have to use the n-word to make it “funny” shouldn’t be said to begin with.

Thanks to Page Six, we have a clip of Bieber, an outtake from 2011’s Never Say Never documentary where Bieber’s surrounded by a group of friends who’s faces are blurred out before he jumps into the joke — which doesn’t make much sense to begin with. The clip has been known for about five years or so according to TMZ but whatever sum that has kept this thing from getting out apparently wasn’t enough.

Ironically, the clip arrives on the same week where he was infamously tabbed as one of the more hated people in America. Expect plenty of apologies and comments from Bieber and his camp in the coming weeks.