WWE’s development brand NXT rocked the WWE network with its second live special “NXT Take Over. The event feature 3 tittle matches (NXT Championship, NXT, Tag Team Championship, NXT Women Championship). Check out the coverage of this monumental stage in the WWE franchise.

Adam Rose vs. Camacho 

Adam Rose with his usual theatrics against Camacho

Adam Rose with his usual theatrics against Camacho


Is there a better way to kick off Takeover than with the 24 hour party goers Adam Rose? The opening match gave Adam Rose the opportunity to correct the sour puss of NXT, Camacho.


Rose started with his usual antics to take control of the match. It was not long before the frustration, aggression, power of Camacho would surface and turn the tides as he struck Rose with a hard forearm to his Jaw. Even with the crowd cheering, Rose would continue to struggle as Camacho kept Rose grounded with a series of leg drops and submission holds.


Rose would find an opening against Camacho landing a stiff right hand and delivering a devastating spine buster. With Rose in full momentum it was not long before Rose would pick up the win by delivering his signature move The Party Foul to Camacho. With a party cup full of victory, Rose would dive into his party entourage and continue into the night.


NXT Tag Team Championship Match:

Kalisto & El Local vs The Ascension

NXT_TO_Photo_12Kalisto and El Local with answer the challenge to The Ascension for the NXT Tag Team Championship.

The Ascension burst into full force at the sound of the bell, leveling the challengers with ferocious uppercuts denying the shot at early momentum in the match. The Champions would strategically isolate Kalisto using their power based offense on the smaller competitor of the duo. The match played on like this for several minutes as the crowd chants for both teams.

Kalisto would soon gain a little momentum outside the ring as he uses the ropes to his advantage, but it was short lived as The Ascension delivered another crushing blow to Kalisto. with all his might Kalisto was able to deliver a head scissors kick and finally get a tag to his partner El Local

El Local would give it his all to The Tag Champs with a fast paced, energy bursting offense. Unfortunately the brute force of the champions was too much to bare, as The Ascension would pick up the victory after delivering the Fall of Man and retaining the Tag Team titles.

No. 1 Contenders Match:
Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze

NXT_TO_Photo_16Both competitors had a lot to prove last night as the No. 1 contender’s spot for the NXT Championship was up for grabs. After the lost to Cesaro at NXT Arrival, Sami Zayn wanted ego prove to not only the WWE universe that he could represent them as champion, but also to himself. The Gorgeous one, Tyler Breeze wanted to prove that he was more than just a pretty face that like to glorify with numerous “selfies,” but that he could be the face of NXT.

Zayn would begin the match using his arsenal of wrestling skills to pick up the control early. It wasn’t long that Zayn would get careless and have the momentum change hands in Breeze favor by crashing to the arena floor after an ariel move gone south.

Breeze would work over Zayn targeting his head and neck showing the ruthless aggression laying inside the Prince of Pretty. The roar of the crowd cheering for Zayn would ignite a fire causing Zayn to mount a comeback.

Breeze would later be laid out on the stage ramp from a springboard moonsault by Zayn.

Back in the ring and giving Breeze his signature Blue Thunder Bomb, Zayn would only get a two count. This would also be the case for Breeze as he delivered as DDT to Zayn. The match would continue as such for several minutes

Breeze’s aggression would get the best of him as he was warned several time by the ref to play it fair. This gave Zayn the opportunity to capitalized and deliver a suplex to Breeze into the corner.

With the crowd chanting “This is Awesome” everything seems to be in Zayn’s favor as he sets up Breeze for the Helluva Kick, but Breeze dodges the attack and delivery a low blow to Zayn. Accident or intentional? The jury is still debating on that. That would give Breeze the opportunity to deliver The Beauty Mark and sealing the deal to a future NXT Championship match.


Rusev: Enough Said

NXT_TO_Photo_27The Ravishing Russian and the Bulgarian Brute returned to the NXT squared circle where they began their path of destruction. With the success on both of WWE’s flagship shows, Lana demanded that the NXT crowd rise to their feet and give praise to Rusev.

It wasn’t soon enough that the two were interrupted by the “Get Hype and Stay Hype” NXT star Mojo Rawly. Proudly waving the American flag and pumping up the crowd with a “USA” chant Mojo would sprint to the ring to take on Rusev. But like all those that have challenged the Brute before. Rusev laid waste to Mojo locking in the Accolade several times to Mojo in and outside the ring.  Proving yet again that this beast cannot be stopped.








NXT Women’s Championship Tournament Finals:

Natalya vs Charlotte





By far the best match of the night, in my opinion. With the success of WWE Diva Paige bursting onto the scene, and sieving the Diva’s Title, some big shoe needed to be filled in the NXT Women’s Championship. And who better to hold this title than a second generation superstar.

War has wage throughout the years between Bret “The Hitman” Hart and “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. And just as the WWE universe would have it, that war as surfaced into the second generation as Natalya took on Charlotte for the title.

Both accompanied by the hall of famers and remaining ringside the match took way. Natalya would showcase her hart dungeon skills early using numerous technical moves on Charlotte. But not even headlocks and leg locks could keep Charlotte down as she showed off technical skills of her own.

The former Divas Champion would lock Charlotte in a body scissors as she continued to use her veteran skills against her rookie opponent. Emotion began to run high and would get the better if two as they exchanged slaps to one another.

NXT_TO_Photo_33Charlotte would take control of the match after giving Natalya a jawbreaker. In control Charlotte locked in the figure-four headlock weakening the head and neck of Natalya.

Natalya would switch it up with an abdominal stretch, but Charlotte had caught onto her strategy and delivered a drop kick to Natalya.

Mounting a comback, Charlotte would place it in jeopardy with a missed moonsault. Natalya locked in the sharpshooter going for the win by submission. Charlotte would turn thing and place  Natalya in a figure-four leg lock. Natalya would repeatedly try to turn the pressure against Charlotte but to no prevail. It began to get personal yet again as the two exchanged slaps. Charlotte refusing to break the hold even after falling outside the ring onto the arena floor should almost cost her the match.

The high emotion were still in the air as Both competitor would use the other signature submission moves against their opponent. With Natalya still in pain Charlotte was able to deliver the Bow Down to the Queen and become the new NXT Women’s Champion.

Both competitors in tears showed their respect for one another exchanging hugs with each other and the hall of famers as Bret and Flair entered the ring. Flair with a stream of tears as his little girl goes into history as a champion



NXT Championship Match: 

Tyson Kidd vs Adrian Neville


The Most anticipated match of the night took shape as the Technical and Counter style dominated early. Kidd and Neville would mirror one another as the NXT crowd roared on. That would soon come to an end as the champion is leveled by a stiff forearm form Kidd.

With vicious kicks to the back of the champion Kidd soon began to take control on the match. Completing a series of Ariel moves and unleashing his arsenal, Kidd continue to get the champion grounded.

It wasn’t long before the champion would gave some momentum with a flying forearms and kicks to the challenger returning the favor as he did earlier in the match. Both competitor would reach a two count as Kidd caught Neville with a kick to the head and the champion delivering a massive power bomb to Kidd

Later in the match Kidd was brought to the mat with a Russian legsweep by the champion. With exhaustion kicking, the two competitors still wanted to kick the crowd a show as a duplex took the champion and the challenger to the arena floor.

Back in the ring and a little more air in their lungs Neville would prevent Kidd from delivering another ariel attack by hooking his ankles. Catching Kidd with a headscissors, Neville delivered the Red Arrow to remain the NXT Champion.

All in all it was pleasing to see that the WWE take the development of their future Superstars so seriously. Giving only the rookie but those that may have a stall character in the WWE a chance to grow and reshape themselves to be future Hall of Famers and solidify themselves in WWE history.