The theory about Denzel Washington in action movies (or pretty much any movie) is that he plays the tragic hero, a flawed individual looking to right wrongs and chase his own personal demons through his own moral code. That theory is true to form with The Equalizer, the new film which re-teams Washington with Training Day director Antoine Fuqua.

Once more playing a disturbed man with a special set of skills (faked his death!), Washington first embraces a prostitute played by Chloë Grace-Morentz who gets caught in the underworld of Russian mobsters. It doesn’t take long before Washington puts his paper down, reads the thugs their rites before putting them down in less than 30 seconds. The main quote to take away from Washington and his book reading when he’s playing a B-level Creasy from Man On Fire? “It is about a guy who is a knight in shining armor, except he lives in a world where knights don’t exist anymore.” Watch the trailer below.