Tiny with Floyd Mayweather (via Instagram)

Tiny with Floyd Mayweather (via Instagram)

Sorry Nelly, your beef with Floyd Mayweather over the women the both of you have made concubines in the past has a new challenge: T.I.

Details at the moment are pretty much hearsay and Vegas gossip but apparently the King of the South and “Money” Mayweather got into an altercation at a Fat Burger in Las Vegas, per TMZ. So the story goes, T.I. approached Floyd and possibly swung first, setting off a chain of events that would make any purveyor of Worldstar videos jump with joy. Or at least what possibly set this off.

There’s a reason why any man will attempt to defend his own personal n*gga moment and squabble with the pound-for-pound king of boxing. Either it’s about money, an insult of his mother or his woman.

Since we’re talking about Floyd Mayweather, money is never an object so let’s scratch that off. Mother’s are well, mother’s. That leaves us with the only thing that Floyd Mayweather seems to have some sort of six degrees of separation with …


We’ll let Twitter’s own ItsTheBAUCE break it down for us:

See, there’s one thing about fighting for your woman. It’s commendable, but never really the best thing. Believe me, some women actually get off on watching their boyfriends attempt to size up any dude walking just because. But all that, “man you can have her” stuff may go out the window once you’re told “controll your b*tch, motherf*cker!”

And who better to jump in and be as messy as he can be than 50 Cent?! Of course Fif got on Instagram and played like he was talking to Floyd and gave us one of the greatest gems ever, “your uppercut ain’t gon’ mean sh*t when n*ggas start shooting!”

The craziest part? Hip-Hop’s most functioning couple may be the one that got married in Italy over the weekend, because Lord knows that if Tiny (yes, even Tiny) can make any man jealous and feel some type of way, so can you when you see your girlfriend all cozy with somebody that isn’t you.