On Thursday, May 8th, 2014, The Icons debuted in Houston.

Though most of Houston’s local talent aren’t yet household names, for one night at least, those looking to ascend to that lofty status made a convincing case for why they may one day deserve that title.

Led by The Numbers Committee leader OneHunnidt and Houston pop princess Imani Rose, lyrics, rap and rhythm collided as they took to the stage of house-turned-venue Avant Garden down Westheimer Avenue for the “The ICONS” event, organized and assembled by Houston Trend Magazine. Save being based out of Houston, the two acts couldn’t be any more different. And yet, they found a way to intertwine their styles, resulting in an event where pop officially met hip-hop in a fresh and unique way.


One part poet, one part rapper OneHunnidt maneuvered the crowd with ease, performing with energy and playing off the audience’s anticipation of his (still) upcoming Field Sobriety project. Playing yin to yang, Imani Rose proved that some people are just extremely hard to dislike. She literally made the crowd embrace her and her catchy tunes, all the while strutting and primping across the stage in true diva fashion.

Loved it.

Artwork displayed casually throughout the room also added to the laid-back yet comfortable vibe of The Icons event. All this to say that you’d do well to be on the lookout for what each has still to come.

The Vibe: Good people. Good music.
Overheard: “That food truck outside? I died and walked into heaven.”