D’Angelo is a recluse. A legendary one at that. When you get news of an appearance at the Brooklyn Museum, you go because it either a) may happen or b) could become an excuse to hear Voodoo again. To think, that album which neatly solidified D’s role as an R&B/funk savant was released 14 years ago. There hasn’t been a new full length since.

Earlier this week, D did appear at the museum. He sat across Nelson George and spoke for 90 minutes, all part of the Red Bull Music Academy’s Lecture Series. Unbelievably candid, the singer revealed his early rap aspirations, how Questlove initially dismissed him as “just another R&B dude” and how a night at the famed Apollo theater almost went to shit.

The anecdotes may be key, same for an appearance by Questlove but the real joy comes from George’s questions and how D reveals himself inside of them. True, the “new album” talk was considered taboo so it wasn’t brought up but every thing else should at least appease all sides: music nerds, D’Angelo fanatics and lovers of the human psyche.