new nation of domination

photo by Will Pharaoh. Order Left to Right: Big E Langston, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth


With the Level of New Talent emerging in the WWE over the past year, fans are beginning to see a bit of nostalgia forming in certain aspects. Take for instances WWE’s newest talent the “Bulgarian Brute” Rusev Alexander. This Power House has been demolishing his way up the WWE food chain since his debut onto the main roster.

But has anyone noticed a particular pattern of this destruction? Lets list off a couple shall we.


  1. R-Truth & Xavier Woods
Rusev Demolishing Xavier Woods during an episode of Monday Night Raw.

Rusev Demolishing Xavier Woods during an episode of Monday Night Raw.

For several months now, it appears that the duo of R-Truth and Xavier Woods cannot seem to come up with an answer on stopping this monster of strength. Falling victim to a modified camel clutch in every match, neither the veteran skills of R-Truth and the bursting enthusiasm of rookie Xavier Woods can match this opponent.







2. Kofi Kingston

Rusev delivering the pain on Kofi Kingston during Monday Night Raw

Rusev delivering the pain on Kofi Kingston during Monday Night Raw

After laying waste to R-Truth and Xavier Woods, Rusev sought out to add another victim to his wrath in the name of Kofi Kingston. The High Flyer found much trouble in paradise when going up against Rusev. Like opponents prior, he too also fell victim to the modified camel clutch and was force to accept defeat.







3. Big E


After loosing his title to Bad New Barrett at Extreme Rules, Big E would decide to take on another challenge. During a taping of Monday Night Raw, WWE hall of famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan was cornered by the Bulgarian Brute. Before he could add the hall of famer to his list, Big E would burst onto the scene defending Hacksaw and answer the call to challenge Rusev. Though Big E fell short of stopping Rusev, it definitely made for a crowd pleaser and an interesting rivalry that could form in the near future. With would be a major step up for Rusev.






Anyone starting to see a pattern yet? Are Rusev’s opponents just random? Or is WWE slowly cooking up something major?

Reports are surfacing that WWE is planning on creating a storyline similar to the Nation of Domination. Plans have not yet been set in stone but with the order of opponents that Rusev has faced, the chances seem to be rising. If WWE is planning on bringing back this faction it could pose great opportunity in refreshing careers of superstars such as Kofi Kingston.

Though during the genesis of the Nation, it took some time to get speed during the Attitude Era.
It wasn’t until The Rock joined the faction that the Nation was able to move forward full steam ahead. But with Big E, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and Xavier Woods careers stuck in neutral this could be a vast opportunity to jump start their careers as well as take this reincarnated faction to heights that were not reached by the original. With opponents like Evolution, The Shield, and The Wyatt family making major head way in the company. There is a world of opportunity for classic rivalries and historic matches to occur. And lets face it, any concept to revert back to the glorious Attitude Era is bound to be a success. Reforming the Nation of Domination in 2014 would by far be the most interesting idea the company has brought out in recent years. And maybe i’m alone on this one, but I would have a heart attack if The Rock made an epic return, leading the fore front of this faction to get them started.