Facebook, for all intents and purposes has been about looking at certain people you may like and want to eventually hook up/date/marry. At least that was the entire plot of The Social Network, right?

Recently you may have noticed on some of your friend’s pages a giant ASK button to the side of certain taboo spots such as work and the most holy of the Facebook holies – relationship. If your friends have both of those sections blank, you see the button and if you have a crush on somebody who refuses to tell you if they’re dating anyone, being a hoe, setting that thang on out, this may be the trusty tool for you to finally break down that wall.

Or maybe not, these Facebook profiles aren’t all that loyal.

In the end, the button isn’t even for you – it’s for Facebook and their ad money. You see, Facebook absolutely loves milestones such as weddings & child births. But every time you end up having a bundle of joy and feel like sharing the news to Zuckerberg and company, you’re also creating a target audience for a ton of baby ads to pop up on your feed. Same for relationships. Because Facebook and its advertisers don’t like it when you leave things blank.

[via Business Insider]