In case you missed hearing about it on Twitter or experiencing it live from the comfort of your own home, the Billboard Music Awards aired last night. Billboard’s awards show isn’t quite on the level of its counterparts the AMAs, the MTV Video Music Awards, and of course the Grammys (primarily because the majority of its awards come from charts and sales, not voting), but the 2014 Billboard Music Awards boasted an ace in the hole to mark what may have been its biggest drawing factor since Beyonce’s visually stunning live performance of “Girls (Who Run The World)” back in 2011 – the promise of a Michael Jackson tribute.

More specifically, Billboard resurrected the spirit of MJ in hologram form, relying on a few props, an army of dancers, and an image of “Remember the Time” era Mike adorned in a golden jacket and red pants, to bring to life “She’s A Slave to The Rhythm,” one of the stand-out cuts off of the new Xscape LP.

The result? Well, it’s a toss up. While it’s amazing to see that we have the technology now to recreate The King of Pop’s moves and mannerisms almost to a T and surreal to see him moving, there was still something mechanical about hologram Michael’s moves. Granted, since Hologram Tupac showed up at Coachella 2012, many have tried to recreate that same magic. Billboard’s attempt doesn’t exactly fail, so much as it reminds us how much the REAL MJ, were he still living and breathing, would have mastered “Slave” with his own steps, shimmies, and kicks.