Standing up for certain causes is what makes people drawn to certain figures. Mandela stood for humanity and change beyond our past and our faults, X in the beginning for separatists and then for unity amongst all. Universally, we’ve all internally said “f*ck cancer” every once in a while, some moments louder than others. I’ve never personally had to watch a friend suffer through it but I know the stories, I know the faces and I know the anguish of watching someone slip away.

Lupe Fiasco knows this as well. On “Mission”, the lead single from his upcoming Tetsuo & Youth album, the Chicago rapper plays narrator for survivors as stories from different patients march his verses in. There’s the gripping tale from “Uncle” Charlie Wilson and others who can detail the strife and power it takes to overcome and live after looking death directly in the face – or when your fellow man gives you a finite amount of days left.

Fiasco is also the ambassador for Stand Up 2 Cancer, an “initiative to accelerate innovative cancer research.” So even if the single doesn’t push the needle for Fiasco’s next project, it advises the world to look at a battle we all have a purpose in.