Whenever Drake hits Houston, there’s about 9,000 rumors to be said. Then again, he might be here licking his wounds after he and Rihanna called it quits this week. So all over social media, “Drake’s at Prospect Park” started to flash around. Then it was “Drake’s at 5th Amendment.” We were waiting for “Somebody’s pumping Drake’s gas for some Frenchy’s!” but no luck.

Then a video surfaced earlier today that might add even more speculation to why he might be here.

Is there any truth to it? Possibly. If you do recall, Warehouse was the location of the first ever Houston Drake concert and DJ Mr. Rogers got the go ahead before OG Ron C to chopped and screw an LP of his (So Far Gone). Calls to Warehouse Live have been left with automated messages and there’s already a show there with HTown’s Next Up which is sold out but whatever it may be, somebody will be there to tell you such.

Returned calls to Warehouse once more yielded offsetting rumors, with them not being able to confirm or deny Drake’s appearance. Remember, they also had to diffuse any rumor of J.Cole performing there last June for his Dollar And A Dream show when the venue for the Houston location wasn’t announced.