If her drop with Dorrough Music last fall, the undeniably infectious “Control,” was considered Ashley Kimbrae’s re-introduction of herself to not only Texas music but the world of R&B as a whole, then perhaps Kimbrae’s newest single was the natural next step towards radio relevance. Teaming up with Brian Angel (of Day 26 fame), the Dallas-born songbird premiered the new track, entitled “With You,” via Yahoo! Music “Hear It First” series.

With producer Maulik “Gumbo” Smith on the boards putting together the perfect blend of piano keys, strings, and kickdrums, “With You” is a duet about the motivation and empowerment that results when you have someone who truly loves you around. Brian Angel sets things off by insisting that “anything’s possible, as long as I’m with you.” And shortly after, Kimbrae announces her presence on the track, her powerful vocal runs damn near outshining her actual lyrics. At barely two and a half minutes, you have to hope that this clip of “With You” is just a snippet at best and not the full single.

With enough push on radio, “With You” could very well mess around and become a summer love anthem.