Allow us to remind you that nothing, and I mean nothing can occur to a celebrity with TMZ having wind of it and apparently the “private” life of Jay Z and his family has finally fallen prey.

Last Monday, the Met Gala took place. You know, the same snooty event where people dress in odd dresses and suits and Carmelo Anthony gauzes at Rihanna and her nipple piercings while his wife is nearby. You know – that type of event. Mr. Lala Anthony can gawk at Rih Rih however he may damn please, but that’s yesterday’s news compared to the greatest piece of gossip ever uncovered – Jay Z getting into a fight with his sister-in-law Solangé. And thanks to TMZ, there’s video proof.

Now, to be fair it’s complete hearsay as to what led to Solange turning into Chung-Li circa Street Fighter II on Hov in the elevator of the Standard Hotel. Knowles got in her fair share of kicks on Hov who tries to deflect and not get hit all while his wife just looks at her sister trying to put her husband in Third Ward Critical Damage.

Good thing is that it didn’t escalate into something worse had Jay hit Solange. That would have turned into an international incident and people who look at Hov like he’s their father would have lost their minds and said, “She probably deserved it.” Nevertheless, the real winner here? TMZ, who basically has been the Walter Cronkite of ratchet yet informative news for five years straight now.