Whether it be a proper single or staying on top of the news like he works for TMZ, BeatKing makes sure to keep all parties entertained. “Killin It” is the lateral follow up to “Smile” with Fat Pimp, a spastic record produced by G Luck & B Don where BeatKing just applies about 9000 pounds of pressure around a vast array of snares. There’s only a few ways you could sneak around crafting a “We Made It” freestyle and BeatKing does it, digging out a chick’s friend and have her proudly announce her joy and pleasure.

On the other hand, him making a Solange freestyle in a matter of hours shows two things: one, the man doesn’t sleep and TMZ probably reports to him whenever something breaks. Two, he knows comedy, especially timing because sweet Jesus is this all kinds of funny. Gangsta Stripper Music 2 drops in June.