Day by day we’re coming closer to hearing Xscape, the new album of unreleased Michael Jackson material. We’ve already been given two shots with the singles ““Chicago” produced by Timbaland and now two more tracks have surfaced, “Blue Gangsta” and “Loving You”, two of the album cuts where you can hear the contemporaneous soudns stretched out in splashes via Timbaland and company.

“Blue Gangsta” carries a bit of edge to it, Timbaland dressing up old Michael vocals in a new Smooth Criminal like suit as those classic adlibs skirt around Steve Wonder like charges and more. “Loving You” on the other hand feels more appropriate Michael, taken from a 1987 Bad session built around some rather metronomic drum scales. Stream both tracks below. The 8-track LP will may its way into stores next Tuesday with a deluxe edition that has the original tracks as well as the comtemporized ones.