Hollywood has its classic monsters, but none of them are bigger (or have such a worldwide appeal) as Godzilla. The big green monster returns to theaters on May 16th in an action packed film starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen & Bryan Cranston all dealing with the ramifications of Godzilla coming into their lives.

The film opens on May 16th but if you’re in Houston, you can catch it with us and a few other lucky winners on May 14th (next Wednesday). How do you secure your way into one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters? Simple if you know how our contests work. You simply have to follow the guidelines below.

1. Like this picture – http://instagram.com/p/nvZS1gp7mz/
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3. Repost the image (download it here or screenshot it from your phone and repost) on your own account with #GodzillaMovie #Dreamlife and tag @dayandadream.

We’ll be choosing 50 winners to give up 100 passes which we’ll DM you the RSVP and location of the screening. Contest ends MONDAY. First come first serve. So in other words, bring a date. And enjoy via your good friends at Day & A Dream.com

UPDATE: Contest over. Congrats to those who won.