Last weekend, The Game & T.I. and their entourages got into it with security at Supper Club in Los Angeles. It wasn’t pretty. People got handled, some entourage members got rocked like Haseem Rahman (word to King Jofee Joe) and it ended with Game & Tip having a stand off with the police like that one scene in Malcolm X when the police determined Denzel Washington was too much of a boss and had too much power to rock a trenchcoat and have red hair or something.

Inspired by such a fight, illustrator and writer Shea Serrano graced the pages of Grantland with the ‘If I Fought This Rapper Would I Win’ chart. Needless to say, there are a few discrepancies (we would never, never fight Pitbull or Tyler, the Creator mainly because the latter seems batshit crazy behind that deep ass voice) but there’s also complete fact, such as you would never, under any circumstances attempt to fight DMX.

You can see the full chart above and click to enlarge it. Here’s an excerpt of the explanations via Grantland.